About Us

JMW Company

Janzour for Metalworks with limited liability has founded under the Libyan law for the establishement of companies, under

trading No: 40464 recorded on 2012/07/05 and extraced from the commercial register of the Ministry of Economy.

JMW has a license to practice the business of metalworks under No: 4440464 and the date of issue 2012/07/11.

JMW also owns a certificate to prove from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry under number (191) division (14).

Our Products

Janzour Co is specializing in manufacturing and forming of metals to meet the requirements of the Libyan market in this field by presenting the following products:

1) C Shape Steel

2) Water Gutters

3) Steel Rolling Shutters

4) Aluminum Rolling Shutters

5) Metal Roof Sheets

6) Roof Edges Mirrors

7) PVC Steel Reinforcement

8) Octagonal Rolling Shutter Tubes